Low back pain and herniated disc

Back pain is sharp, dull, constant, or may be intermittent. You can begin suddenly or gradually. Connected to sciatica herniated disc from the waist to the hips, spreading to the legs and feet can be seen.

Acute low back pain than one starts. Usually caused by injury to a muscle or a ligament. Acute pain is usually short surelid ; and will be between a few days to weeks. However, tend to recur and indicates that shouldn't take long.

Chronic low back pain more pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks. Fractures of the vertebrae, herniated disc from the spinal canal narrowing (spinal stenosis) and can be caused by rheumatism. The patient stubbornly constant pain emotionally and physically tired.

The lower part of the spine based on the sciatic nerve, runs along the back of the hips and both legs. Nerves (sciatic nerve) affected with, arising from sciaticathe thing that struck below the knee of the right leg from hip pain can be felt in the format of one or both of them.

Risk Factors Of Low Back Pain

  • Still, the scheme of work and life
  • Using the vehicle for a long time
  • Often bend over and twist
  • Heavy lifting,
  • Obesity
  • Disorder in posture and sitting position
  • Reverse compelling and participate in actions
  • Mental depression, stress, anxiety
  • Non-wear of the disk accelerates the process.

Discs Of The Spine

Provide a cushion of cartilage between the vertebrae called the disc. The solid and fibrous outer part of the disk, the inner part is soft and jolemsi.These discs that absorbs the shocks of the car, like a shock absorber when we act on a function by seeing the vertebrae buffer prevents friction top of each other. Each disc is called the annulus can lead to robust bundles of collagen in the inner part and the outer layers called the nucleus, is composed of pulpozus soft and jelly-like center of the structure. Central gives you the flexibility to disk for water containing large quantities, in accordance with the changes of life and the movement makes it possible format.

The amount of water content in the discs is reduced with age, the outer layer can wear out and lose their elasticity. Drying the height of the disk is reduced. As the age progresses, the size of the people therefore is slightly reduced.

Disk Hernia

With age, blood flow to nourish the discs decreases, and Dries soft core yassilasir. Small cracks in the outer layer of the disc appear. The jelly-like substance through the outer layer of balonlasir. This condition is called hernia. Next limit this hernia compresses, may be fed by printing and causes loss of pain sensation and strength.

Spondylolisthesis-Waist shift-shift Life

Structural defects, trauma, or excessive strain on the spine that forms the spinal canal with attacking due to cracking and breakage as a result of life ring in the structure integrity is disrupted. Weak bones-vertebrae separated according to the next vertebrae, missing is displaced toward the front. The natural balance is disturbed stretches the ligaments and joints of the spine, narrowing of the spinal canal occurs. Most of these patients develop chronic pain, getting up, or sit down and have severe pain with movement.


Fiber-Nov, which means pain, fibromyalgia, pain in tendons and ligaments Nov triggers. When certain sensitive points of the body is made per, the pain is evident. This area may indicate the patient's finger. Adele fibromyalgia eclipse, mikrotravma may be the result of tension and stress.

When should I see a doctor?

  • If you can bend your back
  • If you are limping
  • If your pain continues 2 days since severe and hard
  • Pain in your legs, numbness, tingling and weakness if you have
  • When you remove your leg causing you pain
  • If you are missing any urine or feces
  • If you have night pain
  • If you have frequent recurrent pain
  • Fever, symptoms such as weight loss