Prof. Dr. Çetin EvliyaoğluÇetin Evliyaoglu M.D.

Professor in Neurosurgery

He was born in Ankara in 1964. He finished Ankara Ergenekon Elementary School, Middle School and High School of TED Ankara College. In 1988, he was graduated from the Medical Faculty of Ankara University .

Between the years of 1988-1990, he worked as orthopedics resident in Marmara University Medical Faculty and then as a medical practitioner of mandatory service in Zonguldak Social Security hospital and dispanceries.

Between 1990-1995, he completed Neurosurgery residency training at the clinic of Neurosurgery in Ankara Numune Hospital

Between the years 1993-1997, he attended and completed the courses of EANS( European Association of Neurosurgical Society) in Belgium, Turkey, Austria and Denmark

In 1994, he participated the special education program of Microneurosurgery in Hacettepe University, Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry Institute

In1994, he attended the training course of World Federation of Neurosurgical Society”

In June 1996, he began his academic career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Kocaeli University Medical School.

In November 1996, he attended the course of “Image-Guided Surgery,” in Heidelberg, Germany .

During July 1997-November 1998, he worked as research fellow in Neurosurgery at the Neurosurgery Clinic and the lab of Dr. Peter Mc.L. Black, at Harvard Medical School, Brigham Women's Hospital in United States, Boston

In 1999 he attended the training course of WFNS (World Federation Neurosurgical Societies)

In 2000 between May-June, he worked as a Clinical Fellow in the subjects of Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery and Surgery of the Cranial Base in Neurosurgery Department of Ankara University Medical Faculty.

In November 2000, he attended a practical course of the Craniovertebral junction Anatomy and Surgical Approaches to Skull Base, in Ankara University Medical Faculty .

In October 2001, he was appointed as Assistant Professor at Department of Neurosurgery in the University of Kırıkkale Medical School,

Between 2001 and 2004 he worked as assistant editor of the Journal of Turkish Neurosurgery TND.

in 2002, he attended the Surgical Navigation Education Programme , in 2003 Stereotactic Neuronavigation Course of Turkish Neurosurgical Society, in 2005 he participated the courses of “StealthStation Cranial Advanced Sytem Training” and “Spine Navigation Training” at Medtronic Navigation Training Center in Louisville-USA

In 2005, he promote to academic degree of Associate Professor.

In 2006, he became the chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Kirikkale University Medical School,.

In 2009, he came to Istanbul and worked as a specialist in private hospitals for neurosurgery. He was appointed as a Professor at Beykent University in 2017 and continued his academic duty at the School of Health Sciences between 2017-2020.

Since 2022, he is giving Neurosurgery lectures to Medicine students as a member of Academic Faculty of Demiroğlu Bilim University.

He is now working both in his own office as Private Neurosurgery Physician and Neurosurgery Consultant at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital.

Neurooncology, spinal surgery and endoscopic neurosurgery are his special interests.

He is a member of the Turkish Neurosurgery Society and the Turkish Geriatrics Society. He is a founding member of Neuroncological Surgery Group, member of Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Group, and Neuroanatomy Group of Turkish Neurosurgical Society,

He is married and has 2 children.

He has a total of 39 national and international publications and 58 presentations

He is fluent in English and speaks little German.